Could we? Maybe. Should we? No.
Rules of origin, anti-circumvention measures, Pokemon and China joining CPTPP
Climate provisions, trade and technology, dual use export controls, CBAM and Russia and a photography contest
Take that, GDPR. And gerbils, ISDS and censorship.
Why the UK's bioethanol tariffs are important to critical national infrastructure
UK-NZ trade talks, the Home Office, the political economy of tariffs and why COVID is messing with reciprocal visa schemes
What is trade good for? Absolutely nothing/everything.
Wine, borders, consultations, buying American and the EU's unilateral efforts to defend itself from others
Consultations, CBAM, Eurostat vs the ONS, some WTO stuff, and how best to stick it to the man (Big Rice)
CBAM and Northern Ireland, how to pronounce CBAM, GVCs for LDCs, and a detailed update on the fisheries subsidies negotiations.
Shampanskoye/Champagne, national security threats, DEPA, trade adjustment assistance, the European Parliament and is a tariff-cut in fact a subsidy?
The Maori, fictional trade disputes with Malaysia, data adequacy, BIG RICE watch, trade remedies and the existential sadness of being a trade deal.